When they say “it gets better” – they’re right.

It finally happened for me. I got a new phone. What do you want to do when you get your new phone? That’s right- play with it. So, that’s what I did. I ignored my incredible and beautiful daughter for a couple of hours and sat down on the couch and goofed off with my phone. Man Biscuit knew perfectly well what was going to happen. He managed to keep her fed & distracted for a bit so I could enjoy my fresh phone, still naked of a phone case and dangerously vulnerable. He ran off to do a mysterious dad chore, and Gwen sauntered over to see what was distracting me all day. I had a bowl of chili next to me that was slowly getting cold as I doodled with my fancy pen and tablet-like phone.

Gwen leaned her little face over the phone, then said “Let me help you.” I knew it would happen eventually. You can’t doodle with a pen on a magical device and not expect a 3 year old to want to try it out. I was ready to be resigned to letting her try it for a minute, when her hand swiveled from the direction of the pen, and instead picked up the spoon in my forgotten bowl of chili.

She picked up the spoon, scooped up some chili, and put it in my mouth. 

That’s right. My kid fed me so I could play with my phone with both hands.

What an amazing thing motherhood can be sometimes.

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