Repetition. Repetition. Repetition.

When I first became pregnant…well, let’s phrase this a little better…when my man biscuit and I decided we wanted a kid, then tried several times and finally made one – then made the announcement and then heard the unsolicited advice that comes with the territory – I was told it would be rewarding. Difficult, rewarding, life-changing, and all-encompassing.

What they didn’t tell me, however…was how very repetitive being a parent can be. When they’re tiny, it makes sense. Feed, Change, Snooze, Feed Change Snooze FeedChangeSnooze – as small humans it’s a different story altogether. It’s not just the same video played over and over again, or the same song played in the car – but imaginative play as well.

There are only three scenarios that happen in playtime, different parts, but the same actors.

Scenario One

Who are you? ::silence::

Hello? Do I know you? ::silence::

Are you a mermaid? ::the mermaid nods::


Scenario Two

::Mermaid is hanging off the doorknob::

Oh no! I’m coming to help! ::Prince Eric rushes over to catch her::

::Mermaid falls off the doorknob and does a flawless landing next to Eric, giggling mercilessly::

Scenario Three

::Mermaid is holding a hatchimal::

Oh no! It’s a scary alligator! Stop it alligator!

::Mermaid stands there holding adorable baby alligator, as Eric slaps it out of her hands::

There you go, darling! Now that mean old alligator can’t bite you.

Nooooo! That was my pet! She’s a NICE alligator!

The End

So, what does this all mean? She likes showing off, I think that’s got to be the doorknob game. She gets a kick out of changing expectations, and LOVES being right about something – so I’m sure that’s mistaking the nice alligator for a mean one… but what about the insecurity of being a mermaid, and not wanting to admit it? She’s shy around strangers, so maybe that’s just manifesting in this game?

Maybe I’m thinking too much about this.

It doesn’t help that we do it over. And over. And over.

Send coffee.


Side note:

I can’t believe she’s almost 5. I really don’t post enough. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day. No excuses though, I need to prioritize this stuff. It’s good for the mind.

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