Of the Many Uses of Puppy Pads

dobie_pupSomething nobody ever told me about this pregnancy and having a baby thing – the leaks. You leak. They leak. Everything leaks. The solution to this leaking issue? Puppy pads. That’s right- those big, absorbent training pads that teach your puppy to pee somewhere other than the rug. They’re just amazing. Here’s a small list of things you can use them for:

The Uses

Chair Protection

When you get home from the hospital, you’re pretty much still leaking everywhere. Padzillas aside, there’s still an off chance you’re going to stain something. For the first day home, i put a puppy pad down on my favorite chair, and I didn’t have to worry about springing a leak.

Changing Table Covers

Changing table covers are great, but they do get easily stained. Pop a puppy pad down on top of the changing table, and you’ve got a disposable shield against poosplosions.

Exercise Mat

When the kid’s working out, be it “Tummy Time” (I hate that term. I’m calling it baby push-ups instead,) stretching out on the bed, or just discovering her feet, there’s always a chance of drool, spit-up or other forms of baby spew. Throw down a puppy pad, plop baby on top and let her go to town. I’ve saved many a comforter and bed sheet with these suckers.

Changing Pads On-the-Go

I stuffed a few puppy pads into the baby go-bag. From dirty Koala Cares to the backseat of my car, the handiness of a disposable changing pad (puppy pad) cannot be denied. Sure, they have those hand-sewn adorable travel changing pads – but what if there’s a crapmergency? What do you do with your bespeckled and befouled pad? You live with it. With the puppy pads, it goes in the garbage and you go on with your life. Good stuff.

Puppy Pads

That’s right- their original use. It’s hard to find the time to walk these chihuahuas 9 times a day so they don’t make a mess. Plop down a puppy pad, and it helps contain the insanity. Another other mother I know uses them under her cat’s litter box to help with spillage.

This is pretty much the list. I’ve found other random uses for them. Grab a pack and come up with your own!

The Breakdown

The Pros

  • Super useful – just about anywhere
  • Can be folded for protecting smaller areas and easy transport
  • Cheap – grab a pack of 100 at Costco for around $16
  • Less laundry
  • Less cleanup

The Cons

  • Not super absorbent…you need to replace them after one or two spills
  • Makes more trash
  • Gets shifted easily once the baby starts to wiggle during a changing

Overall, they’re a worthwhile purchase. I use them every day and it makes life much easier.

Tired of the long lines at Costco? Pick them up at Amazon.com.

All-absorb Training Pads 100-count, 22-inch By 23-inch