Your baby is the size of a what?

One of the fun things about pregnancy is looking up how big your baby is each week. The problem I have with this is that they use things like bananas, avocados and kumquats. First off – bananas? My baby is oblong and curved? I know they’re just trying to give you an idea, but imagining the baby as a banana is just…off. Avocados? They didn’t tell me whether it was a hass avocado or a slimcado – because there’s a huge difference between the two. I’d like to know. Is it a big honkin’ avocado, or a teeny shriveled black one? And a kumquat? What’s a kumquat? One of the gals in my prego group posted this most excellent link that clears up the question of “how big is my baby” pretty well.

How big’s your baby this week? – babysizer

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