What do you do with all those adorable scribbles?

If you’re like me, you have a little trouble throwing out your baby’s adorable drawings. As scribbly and awful as they are, they’re something your little one made, and it’s hard to just toss them in the trash. So, I was trying to throw together a gift for my brother (last minute, like everything else in my life,) and I couldn’t for the life of me find the wrapping paper. I wandered through the house and landed on the rolled up collection of scribbled paper that Gwen (and I and Man Biscuit to a small degree) created.

Drawing in our house is a group activity. If you’re not drawing, the baby ain’t happy. So we take these big sheets of corporate meeting pad paper and scribble and sketch and just pretty much have a dang good time.

So, I snagged the roll, and unwound it. I looked at the paper in a brand new light. At last! Something to do with all these papers! Giftwrap. Who wouldn’t love a personalized baby-made giftwrap? Turns out, it looks pretty great. It helps that we often lose markers for a time, and the drawings are limited to just a few colors. Between mine, MB’s and Gwen’s hands, the drawings are delightfully scattered and random. IT almost looks like an intentional pattern. A little bow can’t hurt, either.

So, at last, I have found a purpose for these pages, and I don’t feel guilty at all for hording them.



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