The Cool Mom

I’ve been afraid of changin’. It’s true. I’ve been worried that the mom life would eject what little “cool” I had and replace it with momness. It’s happened, to a degree, but there’s an emergence expecting mothers or future mothers of the world should be aware of. This new trend?

“The Cool Mom.” This elusive creature is the mom who’s every mom you want to be. This is one bad mother. She wears Converse and a Pink Floyd t-shirt. She babywears to indie concerts and sasses intellectually about kid stuff in a way that takes the super lame into the super awesome. She turned her baby belly into bitchin’ curves and doesn’t afraid of anything. She plays video games while breastfeeding and works at a record store and she is just so freaking cool.

The cool mom. It’s who we want to be – or more importantly who we want to be friends with.

If you find a cool mom, you play it cool. Don’t overwhelm her with how you play Cards Against Humanity while the baby’s asleep. Don’t set up 3 playdates before you know her first name (It’s Elliot. Yup, she’s that cool.) Keep YOUR cool. Treat her like a hot guy who you’ll scare off if you show her your inner nerd.

Honestly, I’m just kidding. If you think she’s cool, you’re probably pretty cool, too. Hook it up. Get on the phone and connect.

Cool moms are rarely spotted in the wild. If you find one, tag her and meet her for lunch at Mellow Mushroom.

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