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Accepting Failure and Moving On

Well, I did it for three days in a row. That’s something, right? Being a parent isn’t easy. Things happen. Babies are time-consuming. It’s not about the results, it’s about the journey. The great...

Newborn Bingo

From the makers of Pregnancy Bingo! We’re back by popular demand with Newborn Bingo. I think I’ve got blackout on this one.

It’s Negligible

Now that I’m a parent, there are a few things that should bother me, but somehow don’t. I think about things I would not have tolerated before creating life, that now just don’t seem like a huge...


Reflection in the Quiet of the Morning

Now that my little one is sleeping through the night, there’s a blissful period of perfect quiet between the time I wake and the time she wakes. I love being a mother, but I...