Pregnancy Scares are Scarier with a Toddler

It’s been forever since I’ve posted, so much now that my baby isn’t much of  a baby anymore. She’s a rambunctious little monster, ruling the house with her iron, spaghetti-sauce covered thumb. She’s a great kid, really. She sleeps well, she doesn’t fuss too much (unless teething or overly tired,) and she’s even learning to use the toilet – which I’m super jazzed about.

That’s all awesome. However, just a few days ago I’d about convinced myself I was brewing up #2 (the baby, not the bathroom code,) and every process that seems so easy now with my little girl, I was adding 30lbs of gut in front of me, the inability to lift heavy things (like toddlers) and the other trials & tribulations it takes to make a human. I mentally applied these things to my daily routine, and even just in my head, it was so much harder. 

Thankfully (and sadly,) I’m not pregnant, but it was a the mother of all scares for me. I really have to give props to those women with two under two, or even two under 3 or 4 – because it is hard. 

I pick up the baby, put her on the changing table. She’s heavy!

I chase her around and tickle her. She’s fast!

She wants me to follow her around all day and play really fun games with her, like place the toy animal in the toy tree. Or dump out a bucket of toys and fill it back up. Or turn off all the electronic devices in the house. Or Poke the cat’s belly. Or poke the cat’s eye. Or chase the cat (who has decided he didn’t like getting poked in the eye.) She’s exhausting!

She’s great, but she’s also a plethora of energetic activities rolled into one -and the one thing I didn’t have while brewing her was a lot of energy. Maybe I’ll find the will to summon some when we do decide to have another, but not right now.

Crisis averted, go about your business.

::chases the baby who’s still chasing the cat::

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