All the Small Things

Becoming a parent has helped me to really appreciate all of the small pleasures in life. Like, finishing a meal before being interrupted by a needy baby. Or, taking a long shower. Waking up a little early and still having time to get coffee. Rolling over in bed and waking briefly only to find it’s still 5am, and you’ve still got an hour or two to snooze. Giving the cat a little attention and getting a lot of purring. Getting all hot in the car only to step back into the AC and feel so very cool.

Being a mother is hard. The demands on your time are immense. Once upon a time you could, on the spur of the moment, decide to see the new movie that’s out. Now it requires planning ahead, careful selection of a babysitter and so much more money. And a double feature? Forget about it. After the movie, I’ve got to get home to pump or my milk-jugs overfloweth.

A quiet drive to the grocery store with the baby fast asleep in her car-seat can be truly therapeutic. Of course, there are the rewards of having a baby as well. The smiles and giggles. Her tiny arms wrapping around your neck for support. Seeing her face crinkle up for a moment to cry, only to stop and grin once she sees your face.  Carrying a sleeping baby to her bed – so tired she doesn’t even stir.

Being a mom is like my favorite kind of chocolate. Bittersweet…and expensive. But, still pretty great.

Dammit, now I want some chocolate.

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