A Little Something for the Other Mothers

We decided to create this blog for a few reasons.

  1. As an outlet- a way to cathartically express our feelings in a format where others are free to judge us in comments, and we can then call them names. You know how the internet works.
  2. A resource for people (mothers and fathers and potential parents,) who are, like us, still learning about this whole “parenting” thing.
  3. It just seemed like fun. In our relatively small world of “baby jail”, there’s relatively few chances to enjoy a good adult conversation – and what is our favorite subject? Of course- the kids. But this isn’t for them – it’s for us. The “other” mothers.

Here’s a little Q&A for the curious:

What is an “Other Mother”?

An “Other Mother” is any mother who is willing to talk freely about their kids, their parenting style or really anything in a “no-holds barred”, fearless and usually sarcastic manner. She’s not afraid of dead baby jokes. She isn’t ashamed to have a few drinks once in a while, or poke fun at the way her neighbor dresses her kid (plaid with spots? Seriously?) She’s not afraid to dish it out and take it back in turn. She’s got a thick skin and a lot of sass. Basically, she’s fabulous.

What makes you so special?

Well, nothing, really. I know how to make websites, and I recently had a kid. I feel entitled to share my opinions, and I have the means to do it. You can feel free to read it, or go somewhere else on the internet. I suggest this website.

What else should I know about your stupid blog?

It’s not going to always be sunshine and roses. Sometimes it’s going to get gritty. There’s gonna be some bullshit. We’re going to curse, spit, take the lawd’s name in vain and be downright bastards. That’s what having kids does to you. There will be some “not-safe-for-work” content and language, and you definitely shouldn’t let your young kids see this blog. Read it in the dark, in a quiet room, while the kids are asleep and you’ve got nothing better to do.

Can I write something for your blog?

Yeah, I guess. Send it here, and if it doesn’t suck, we’ll post it. If the blog starts to make some money or something, we’ll try to share the love. If it doesn’t, it wasn’t a total waste of time, at least you got it out and published on the internet, right?

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