10 Faces Only A Mother Could Love

There’s a magical thing that happens when you point your camera at your baby. They’re making the BEST face, smiling, laughing and cooing. Then, that camera snaps. Some point in the few milliseconds between pointing the camera and depressing the shutter button, your kid turns into a demon.


Raincoats really tick him off.

Submitted by: Luca_overthemoon

The power of Christ compels you!

Time to call the exorcist.

Submitted by: anonymous

Same to you, buddy!

“Yeah, same to you, buddy!”

Submitted by: JnnfrMac

Wherefore art thou baby?

To cry, or not to cry? That is the question!

Submitted by: originalsinner702


“It’s the clawww!”

Submitted by: Jenny Other

Milk Drunk

She’s been hitting the bottle pretty hard.

Submitted by: anonymous

Cheeks for Miles

She keeps all her fury in those cheeks.

Submitted by: Zawesomesauce


“I’ve seen things in the womb you wouldn’t believe”

Submitted by: gypsyapathy


Jaxson shows his stripes!

Submitted by: NCheyennerezzer


“Name one reason I can’t have cake for breakfast.”

Submitted by: madalitchy

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